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    The textile value chain, considered as one of the worlds’ biggest polluters and perpetuator of wasteful excess, is waking up to the reality of the harm it has done, as also the importance to change and undo some of the damage while resolving to be more sustainable in the future. The circular movement is perhaps among the fastest moving and evolving concepts in recent times

    that has taken every aspect of life and business in its fold. Some headlines in the last one year show the intensity of the movement and also the fact that the concept is now finding its way for wider application in the textile value chain…Read in detail on the directions!

    The Ministry of Textiles (India) has been quite proactive since Piyush Goyal has taken charge, and in a recent interaction with the country’s top textile and garment exporters, he asked the industry to aim at reaching US $ 100 billion figure in textile and apparel exports from the current export value of US $ 33 billion, that’s almost 3 times more! Though the target expectation is huge and no time line has been defined, the industry believes that the number can be achieved in the near future with a proper roadmap to exploit opportunities created in global trade. Read more as AO creates a roadmap to achieve the goal.


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