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    November 16-30, 2018

    November 2018| 60 Pages

    In the last quarter performance many apparel manufacturing companies in India have confirmed good growth, breaking the myth of many, thinking if this industry was moving in the right direction…! Apparel Online conducts an in-depth research in this regard covering all possible segments – from top-level exporters to mid-level export houses – doing different product categories and exporting to various markets. With regard to the domestic market, the companies taken up by AO represent those which have a wide gamut of products and target customers and different retail channels, all of whom are doing well.

    Apparel Online in this issue also unravels unique strategies embraced by two retailers – Mothercare and PrettySecrets – by speaking to their company heads. How in a very short time period both achieved huge success, making a mark in the Indian retail industry. However, concern for quality and safety, choosing the right mix, the right people and the right kind of marketing, is the future for retail…


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