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    November 1-15, 2018

    November 2018| 1-15| 60 Pages

    AO TOP 100 for the FY 2017-18, is a herculean exercise by Team Apparel Online. The concept was conceived 10 years ago as one such attempt to bring to the table 100 export companies that are among the best in India. Of course, the debate on whether these 100 companies are in fact the country’s top 100 in terms of turnover is a continuous one…, the analyses shows that though top lines increased by 11.8%, profitability took a big hit – with a collective turnover of Rs. 34,699 crore…

    Thanks to the joint efforts of apparel export houses and international brands, the number of women workers on the shopfloor of Delhi-NCR garment factories is increasing. With the growing strength of women, these factories are also increasing their overall safety, besides taking some empowerment measures.

    The issue also gives vast coverage to the second edition of the unique private show – Textrum, from the house of Vardhman Textiles Ltd., especially designed for Autumn/Winter 2019-20 and a hotspot for retailers, brands and manufacturing units.


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