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    As the world faces this unprecedented pandemic of Covid-19, business will no longer be about expansions and big plans, but about ‘survival’ and then a ‘revival’ in a new market defined by new thinking, new concerns and new directions, including focus on health and safety issues and products. Most stakeholders of the industry believe that this is the time for ‘change’, and one must change to survive, else the road forward is going to get tough. Some experts even suggested a solution of how to proceed, survive in this challenging time. Meanwhile, the retailers are even eyeing the Government to announce some relief measures. 

    Thousands of companies world over have initiated to be a part of mask manufacturing, and India too is also not behind with our Union Textile Minister Smriti Irani herself taking the lead and motivating all to make masks. Since apparel manufacturing is a labour-intensive industry, the chances of community transmission of this deadly virus is huge. So some of the popular companies in India, under stringent policies, are not only making masks but even complete Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits, including body coveralls, gloves, shoe covers, etc. And interestingly, this is proving to be a commercially viable product category and a saviour in this time of crisis.


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