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    May, 16-31, 2018

    May 2018| 16-31| 60 Pages

    The race for the No.1 e-retailer has begun with giants Amazon and Walmart vying for this position. A recent study by Facebook and Boston Consulting Group also endorses that Indian online fashion market, currently around US $ 4 billion, will be worth around US $ 12-14 billion by 2020. Team AO speaks to some experts and exporters to explore the e-market further…

    A word called ‘professionalism’ is rarely understood in the industry jargon, forget about practising it. But AO had the pleasure to meet the amazing team of Mumbai-based Texperts, who shared what ‘professionalism’ means to them…

    After decades of wearing tight-fitted and super constricted clothing, fashion is moving towards simplicity. Laces, with their ornate intricacy and haptic appeal which have always enjoyed a good market, are becoming popular today.


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