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    March, 16-31, 2018

    March 2018| 16-31|

    With seasonal nature of the garment industry and fashion too changing fast, many garment exporters are now manufacturing for the international market round the year. Some of them are manufacturing winterwear also, producing sportswear, jackets, etc. Apparel Online discussed the mechanisms and the approach to have business all through the year, which makes interesting reading.

    The issue also reviews two fairs – the 17th edition of the F&A show, Bangalore and the 3rd edition of GMMSA Expo, Ludhiana.

    Looking for variety and quality products in apparel fabrics, trims, interlinings and accessories, at the F&A show, what really pleased most buyers was the unexpected number of companies displaying winter fabrics, both produced in India and also being imported.

    GMMSA focused on ‘new product categories’, ‘more organized ways of working’ and ‘new market explorations’, with advance technologies on display.

    With season-less collections emerging as the latest buzzword for designers and high fashion brands worldwide, the Fall/Winter 2018 season proves that fashion is way beyond the concept of ‘seasons’…


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