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    March, 1-15, 2018

    March 2018| 16-30|

    It is rightly said that behind every success is a woman’s hand… Apparel Online, on Women’s Day, dwells deep into the minds of 8 women who are playing critical roles in their professional life, dreaming big and proud to be successful entrepreneurs in this demanding industry. Also, the Team AO, having visited various industries, analyses the ‘women power’ on the shopfloor, usually dominated by ‘man power’.

    The issue also gives coverage to the plight of the homeworkers, majority of who are women workers and the unregulated condition they are working in. In its initiative, Nest – a non-profit organization, with the industry backing, is working hand-in-hand with brands, philanthropists, and artisan businesses to bring homeworkers into the folds of compliance and regular monitoring for decent working conditions.

    It’s a good sign for India that US-based wholesalers/importers seem positive about their business and they are looking to increase home furnishing sourcing from India. Team AO met some interesting buyers who discussed their strategy, future plans and allied aspects of sourcing home fashion products from India at the 45th edition of IHGF – Delhi Fair Spring 2018 – organized by the EPCH concluded recently.


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