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    June, 1-15, 2018

    June 2018| 1-15| 64 Pages

    India has a great contribution in the global organic cotton, with over 1,90,000 certified organic cotton farmers in the country accounting for 56% of world’s organic cotton production, but what concerns is that out of total cotton produced in the world, only 1% is organic. In the light of this, C&A Foundation’s ‘Cotton Trailblazers’ event held in Bhopal brought all organic cotton stakeholders on a common platform.

    It’s ironic that at a time when a majority of the industry is fighting a battle for survival, State Governments across the country are fighting a battle to attract investments from the textile value chains. Following the footsteps of Odisha and Jharkhand, which earlier announced apparel-specific policies by promising many incentives, now Madhya Pradesh joins the band wagon. Team AO takes a closer look…


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