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    June, 1-15, 2016

    June 2016| 1-15| 56 Pages

    AEPC, the official body of apparel exporters in India, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in the last one year, from corruption charges to elitist agenda… It now becomes imperative for Ashok Rajani, the new AEPC Chairman, to understand and undo some of the damages that have put AEPC in doldrums. At the same time he also has to change the image of the council from a self-centred organization, working in the interest of the bigger exporters, and a ‘privileged’ few, to a vibrant export promotion council in the true sense. In an exclusive interaction with Apparel Online, the new Chairman expressed confidence of a productive tenure, though he is carrying forward an old game plan that has not reaped success in the past, and he challenges those who question his sincerity of intent to offer an alternative action plan! In the cut-throat competition today, it is important that our apparel exporters survive…Raja M Shanmugham, MD, Warsaw International – a Tirupur-based SA8000, ISO9000, and GOTS-approved apparel export house, and Chief Mentor of NIFT-TEA College of Knitwear Fashion, speaks up about holistic measures that will help the industry brace up collectively for competition, growing fiercer with each passing day… Reproduced here are Raja’s considerations and counsel… The topic is also discussed in the ‘Mind Tree’ column of this magazine, and views of some well-known exporters published. Besides the above, our regular columns of Mind Tree, Fashion Trends, Industry Wire, Resource Centre, Export Statistics, etc. make the issue worth reading.


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