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    June, 1-15, 2013

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    The working environment in Bangalore is very professional with focus on efficiencies, in-house capabilities and workers’ training. This is reflected not only in the working of the factories which produce structured products like bottoms and shirts, but also with those units which have ventured into fashion garments. Also interesting is the fact that many of the companies have their roots in Mumbai, and therefore have been able to synchronize the fashion culture they bring from the city with the work ethos of Bangalore for very potential and successful combination. Two such companies, Texport Garments and Go Go International, share strategies behind their growth and success with TeamApparel Online… While Texport Garment’s strength lies in product mix, consistent expansion, emphasis on quality and productivity; Go Go International, believes in fashion inputs, multiple collections and employee engagement. For the fashion enthusiasts, the report created by our trend experts on the just concluded IIGF S/S 2015 makes an interesting read. The event brought in a variety of trends and designs, with a galore of tie-dye and dip-dyeing taking over the prints, along with other tribal influences, breaking the monotony. AO charts out six runway trends that found way into the collections of many exhibitors for our readers under the slug ‘Fashion Business’. Besides the above, our regular columns of Mind Tree, H2F, Fashion Trends, Industry Wire, Export Statistics, etc. make the issue worth reading. Thanking you for your feedbacks and inputs which keep us going.


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