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    July, 16-31, 2017

    July 2017| 16-31| 64 Pages

    Japan’s name undoubtedly comes on priority whenever someone talks about emerging/non-traditional markets. The country – which is the world’s second-largest developed economy, the third-biggest economy by nominal GDP, and the fourth-largest by purchasing power parity – has once again shown its economic growth as positive. However, majority of the Indian exporters are not working with Japanese markets, even though it has enough scope for Indian made apparels. The support from the Indian Government and for more participation in Japan-based fairs is perhaps the immediate solution, feel exporters from India with whom Team Apparel Online interacted with… ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can change the world’, feels KPR Group from Coimbatore. The organization has attained an edge in promoting education to its workers and staffs, and which stands out to be the best amongst its several other CSR and sustainable measures, including windmills, tree plantation, re-cycling of waste water, making bio-gas from human waste, supporting Clean India Campaign, etc. Having earned reputation for quality production of finished knitted fabric, the most popular being compactors, pads and dryers in the global knitting industry, Navis Global has earned a remarkable reputation for quality production. With 75% of business in Asian markets, and having become strong in woven, non-woven, and industrial and technical textiles, the company is now looking at new opportunities to support its customer base. Besides the above, our regular columns of Mind Tree, Fashion Trends, H2F, Industry Wire, Trade Statistics, Resource Centre, and Eyes & Ears make the issue worth reading.


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