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    January, 16-31, 2018

    January 2018| 16-31| 64 Pages

    Like last 3 years, 2018 is going to be really important year from policy as well as political point of view and this will have strong implications on textile and apparel industry as well. Besides the assembly elections in five states, the reverse countdown for parliament elections (Lok Sabha), scheduled for April/May 2019, will also begin in 2018, so it is expected that the Government may take some popular decisions which will affect industry.

    Team AO takes a look on the factors that could impact the industry strongly in 2018. With HKL Magu, taking over the reins of AEPC as its new Chairman for the period 2018-20, the industry is confident of reaching its goals.

    The magazine also gives coverage to the annual AEPC Export Awards… Besides, a ‘Power Group Discussion’ at the event, which centred on the current challenges in the apparel export industry, was a real crowd puller and attracted most top exporters.

    Fashion trends normally swing like a pendulum and trend watchers can easily predict what to expect. Apparel Online team has curated a list of 10 ideas that will impact and shape the future of fashion and retail industry in 2018.


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