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    January 1-15, 2019

    January 2019| 1-15| 72 Pages

    As always this is our special issue – ‘ROUNDUP 2018’ – cherished by many as a ‘collector’s edition’.  There was discussion on why we need to do this issue, besides the fact that it is a global media industry practice to run through the year for its readers. We for one think that the industry looks forward to this issue as a reference point and this is besides the fact that the team also feels proud to see the amount of industry interaction that they have done in a year! We are sure that you will find the issue interesting and share suggestions to improve upon it.

    Initiatives and interactions at Apparel Online/Apparel Resources are a continuous endeavour. Following the same in 2018, we invited many guests from the global industry to its head office who shared insights about their company, and even explored our working system. Few of the eminent guests included Gazi Mahbubul Alam, Director, Mahmud Group, doing an annual business of more than US $ 120 million, producing 2.5 million metres of fabric and 9,00,000 denim bottoms per month.


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