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    January, 1-15, 2018

    January 2018| 1-15| 72 Pages

    It is a pleasure to present to you the first issue of Apparel Online for the New Year 2018. As always this is our special issue – ‘RE-EXPLORE 2017’ – cherished by many as a ‘collector’s edition’. This Herculean exercise has been done for our valuable readers, who might have missed out on some articles helpful in their business growth. If you wish to have any particular article or issues for detailed reading, do let us know.
    Under ‘Special Issues’, the magazine covers both people and the industry in general, including the AEPC export awards, EC and FIEO elections, new appointments, etc. Into the minds of women leaders of the industry, the issue brings ‘women power’ to the fore; it is their sheer hard work, determination, skills and perseverance that make them what they are today… LEADERS! AO gives an insight of 18 women associated with the apparel industry.
    Continuing further, the issue gives coverage to GenNext who are taking on bigger roles as the textile and garment industry is going through an interesting transformation. These foreign-educated Young Turks are much more confident and well aware of the new age marketing tools that are critical for market penetration today.
    Under the Product Categories, with increase in R&D, many products were under review, each unique in itself.
    Besides the above, several other sections like Industry Views; Sustainability; Home Fashion Future, to mention some, make the magazine worth preserving.


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