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    Motorcycles today have become more than just a mode of transport. For few it’s an aspiration, a joy; while for others it’s a sense of liberation, freedom or a part of their personality and style, and many more things. It has become a culture. And while this is widespread in the Western countries, it is only recently that it has started rapidly picking up in India too. As the companies were busy giving air to the biking culture, soon emerged another parallel industry and with a roar – the biking gear/protective gear segment. Team AO talked to some major players in this industry, who focused on three tenants: safety, comfort and style – for the motorcycling enthusiasts. According to TechSci Research, Indian ride gear market stood at around US $ 21.4 million in 2017 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 12 per cent to surpass US $ 43.6 million by 2023.


    Manufacturers in India are gradually moving towards ‘normalcy’; the good thing is that the apparel exporters have adopted many different strategies rather than just following each other blindly. While Pee Empro Exports has invested around Rs. 2 crore in the sweater project and is geared up to invest more, Pratibha Syntex will adopt the latest technology, be it 3D, overall digitisation, industry 4.0 and sustainable innovations. Team AO speaks to some major players from various parts of India.


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