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    December 16-31, 2018

    December 2018| 16-31| 60 Pages

    It is time the apparel industry learns to survive on its own and is not dependent on the freebies offered by the Government here and there; Apparel Online has discussed this time and again. If the initial months of 2018 provided relief from ‘demonetisation’, the latter half witnessed much more conflicts and confusion with reduction in duty drawback, GST implementation, followed by US-China trade war… The coming New Year 2019 seems to be full of expectations as some experts told Team AO.

    Similarly, the experts in the textile industry too have a divergent view on the future of the industry… Some believe there will be enough opportunities; most in the industry think ‘gloom’ is prevalent but the future remains ‘uncertain’. Disruption, innovation, value addition and sustainability at every stage are some of the key points which need to be focused upon for future growth, feel industry stalwarts.

    With the advent of online shopping, e-commerce is gaining a significant momentum establishing an ever-increasing foothold in the retail industry and decreasing store visits by shoppers. In line with this new trend fashion brands like Fabindia, adidas India, Project Eve, etc. are now moving towards experiential retail.


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