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    December, 1-15, 2016

    December 2016| 1-15| 72 Pages

    As the country comes to terms with the concepts of ‘limited cash holding’ and ‘digital India’, the apparel industry is reconciling with the fact that orders do not come by themselves only on past performance, but constant work on many fronts is required to stay competitive and relevant to the buyers! Interestingly, exporters have stopped cribbing about fewer orders, and instead started talking about how to beat the competition. Surprisingly, only 3.7% of the respondents felt that quality and compliance were a focus area for improvement, while an overwhelming 96.3% opined that these traditional indicators of ‘good company’ are now taken as ‘given’ and the improvements are on a regular basis to remain in step with international benchmarks and norms… Interestingly, the Indian textile industry is undergoing various innovations in terms of cost-efficiency and saving on energy. One such company, believing in collaborative industry through knowledge-sharing and Government redressal, is Anangoor Textile Mills, which with the technical support of Elgi Equipments, Coimbatore has invested in systems to save on steam as a source of energy and has been propagating the same to the numerous members of ITF (Indian Texpreneurs Federation) as well. The company’s Director KR Senthil talks about this initiative to Team AOexclusively… The issue also finds an interesting article on ‘Why and how strongly can the HR Department help in industry’s growth’…? An important question is raised whether the HR Departments have the right/freedom in their company to become a part of decision making/policy making process? Besides the above, our regular columns of Mind Tree, Fashion Trends, H2F, Industry Wire, Resource Centre, Export Statistics, etc. make the issue worth reading.


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