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    October 16-31, 2019

    October 2019| 16-31| 84 Pages

    Even as the talk of slowdown in the country is getting louder and the average consumer demand and ticket size getting smaller, the national and international brands have spared no efforts to offer their best to the Indian consumers. Besides, one major development in our retail industry has been the recent entry of Uniqlo, the Japanese clothing giant. The craze for the brand was so much that its sales in first two days surpassed Rs. 2.2 crore. Read in detail in our ‘Cover Story’…

    The ever-growing quest to obtain the perfect figure, has given impetus to a niche market segment – the shapewear garments. According to Statista, The compressionwear and shapewear market was valued at US $ 3,800 million in 2016 and is set to reach a whopping US $ 5,000 million by 2021.

    Known as the textile state of India, the largest producer of man-made fibre and denim, sharing 12% of textile exports, etc. – Gujarat has the entire ecosystem within it to be successful in garment manufacturing. But sadly today, the apparel manufacturing has not increased well in the state. Team AOI explores reasons and the current status of garment manufacturing in Gujarat.


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