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    September, 2016

    September 2016| 76 Pages

    It is a pleasure to present to you the latest issue of Apparel Online. Buyers, who look at Bangladesh as the next bet after China, are worried that with terrorism raising its ugly head, especially in the last two months, how far this growth can last. AO spoke to some foreign professionals working in the RMG industry, worried and more concerned by the fact that the ‘unrest’ is perpetrated by the young and educated boys with a single agenda to kill the non-Muslims. In our Cover Story 2, we have an article on Employee Engagement in the Bangladesh RMG industry, and how garment manufacturers are using innovative tools for their retention, including innovative practice of training and planning to ensure business growth and success. The write-up on Odyssey Craft highlights how green concept is fast gaining currency amongst the garment manufacturers… Bringing good business practices to the fore, we highlight AST Knitwear, which conjures up the importance of correct investment in garment manufacturing business, while INZ Sourcing’s story is of perpetual struggles of small buying houses challenged by large-scale closure of medium and small factories, the hitherto caterer to small entities with smaller order volumes. VIYELLATEX talks of how and why PD and design innovations are becoming the next big thing for the industry. Besides the above, current and retail news, technology and fashion trend pages make the magazine worth readable.


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