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    With the trade war between the world’s two largest economies – the US and China escalating, it is becoming difficult to evaluate who will emerge as the ultimate gainer – Bangladesh or Vietnam. This is raising serious worries for the global buyers/labels and brands for whom Bangladesh has long been catering to their requirements, competitively and efficiently. Team AOB caught up with some garment makers to understand more…

    Sustainability of business is becoming more challenging, in particular for the RMG manufacturing industry, to sustain in a longer run. Kenpark and Regency (Bangladesh operations of Sri Lanka-based Hirdaramani Group) has come up with its 2019 Sustainability Report. Sri Lanka implemented ISO 14064 standards and reached net-zero status for greenhouse gas emissions from use of energy. The Group is planning the same in Bangladesh.

    Will ‘Asia become the next US/EU market for Bangladesh exporters…! The recent export figures say so. Even though Bangladesh’s overall exports got a setback in the recent months (August and September), the silver lining is that its exports to the Asian markets registered 93 per cent growth in last 7 years, which as per experts is mainly due to competitive prices, Government’s export handouts and market diversification drives of exporters.


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