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    It is really unfortunate that Bangladesh – the second biggest apparel exporter globally and with second highest number of green factories in the world – has failed to showcase its brand commitment and resilience in the right perspective. It is time the country goes for an image makeover and brands itself as a matured sourcing hub and not just low-cost manufacturing destination…

    Garment manufacturers from Bangladesh are actively looking at market diversification too and even adopting CSR to attain business sustainability and growth. With its slogan ‘Together We Grow’, if Shin Shin Group of Bangladesh has done so, on the other hand Hydroxide Knitwear Limited is planning to look beyond its erstwhile stronghold Europe to concentrate more on Japan, South Korea and China markets, while DBL Group has become the first from Bangladesh to set up an integrated textile and garment factory in Ethiopia. Similarly Dressmen Limited is making India its next export destination.


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