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    In an exclusive interaction with AO, the newly-elected BGMEA President speaks to AOB to share his roadmap for the industry and how he plans to address the short, mid and long-term challenges facing the apparel industry of Bangladesh. The road ahead is not easy, as the industry is faced with an array of challenges, primarily on account of the Coronavirus pandemic. Add to these the perennial issues, all of which combined, make things even more difficult for the industry going forward. We are presenting this exhaustive interview in a 2-part series. The first, featured in this issue reflects the newly-elected BGMEA President Faruque Hassan’s views on internal issues, while in the second in the next issue, the BGMEA President will share his thoughts and direction on the international scenario.

    Thanks to the geographical location of Bangladesh and in view of the recent developments in terms of enhancing regional connectivity, experts maintained it’s just a matter of time before the country turns into the epicentre of regional communication, read in detail the reasons that the experts think so. Lately, container shortage has emerged as a major issue for businesses amidst the raging Coronavirus pandemic, which calls for some urgent action from the stakeholders. Given the existing scenario, Chittagong Custom House has undertaken efforts to dispose around 298 containers filled with perishable goods that have been abandoned by the  importers so as to free up containers for use by the businesses… Read about the same and much more in the current issue of AOB.


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