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    Apparel Online Bangladesh (AOB) catches up with Abdullah Hil Rakib, Managing Director of Team Group/Director of BGMEA and Director In-charge of the BGMEA Innovation Centre for a freewheeling conversation touching upon all issues that matter for the industry. He claims that in next 5 years, “we hope to elevate industry to next level; start shift from volume to value-driven” He also admits that facilitating a transition towards higher level of competency requires adapting to changing product design, reducing lead time, increasing productivity, adopting latest technologies, minimising production cost and making manufacturing plants more sustainable. Read excerpts of the in-depth interview in the current issue…

    Another very interesting read this issue is the cover story – Next-Gen materials to include in your product plans and the subsequent opportunities they bring about. Within the categories of next-gen materials, the current category taking the lead is of leather replacements. This is not surprising as leather is particularly ubiquitous across the fashion, automotive and home goods industries, with a global value of US $ 414 billion as of 2017. The Covid-19 pandemic put the spotlight on the vulnerabilities in existing industries and fuelled changes across the board. Read more about the trend…


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