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    January, 2016

    January 2016| 68 Pages

    It is a pleasure to present to you the first issue of Apparel Online for year 2016 with a cover story on ‘Top Trends of 2015… Getting Ready for 2016’! It has been an interesting year for Bangladesh with many of the negativities of 2014 giving way to positivity and growth. As a keen observer of the industry, AO saw many trends emerge… Many established players are looking for ‘different products’ to excite the buyer. Among the many products that are being explored, AO feels that the big four are sportswear, lingerie, legwear/socks and leather goods, including footwear. Both the exporters and buyers have endorsed these products and increasing number of manufacturers are investing in these segments. What started as an initiative by leading manufacturers to impress buyers is a movement today with an increasing number of companies going for Green buildings… and many others planning investment in this direction. Following closely and often misconstrued as overlapping is the growing awareness of sustainability in business practices. These small interventions are about saving resources like water, energy, fabric, space, etc. and also cutting cost in manufacturing…; definitely a trend to watch out for! To round it off, two trends – one market and one fashion-related – close our Top 10 Trends of the year. Besides this, the Tech Management pages in the magazine make it more interesting and readable.


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