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    It would not be an exaggeration to maintain that the year 2020 has really been an unprecedented one in every respect! The Coronavirus pandemic has left the country’s readymade garment (RMG) sector with scars —uncertainties, anxieties, fears and trepidations — which will take time to heal. So, what does 2021 looks like? Economists see a promising 2021 for Bangladesh because of the rollout of Coronavirus vaccines globally and manageable impacts of the pandemic on the country, while sounding out alarms about the bumpy road the economy has to ride before full recovery takes place… AOB explores…

    Even as we step into the New Year, it does not seem like the pandemic is about to end anytime soon. Anticipating the challenges, retail has very swiftly picked up trends that will help keep it relevant even in difficult times. Since online shopping became an indelible part of our lives, fashion retail has become increasingly digital and internet-driven. Even bricks-and-mortar stores are integrating elements of the online experience to encourage more and more consumers to continue visiting them, and also strengthened what inperson shopping experiences can offer, such as more personal levels of service.


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