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    Manufacturing destinations world over are undergoing major shake-ups and Bangladesh is no exception. After the historic export debacle of 18.12 per cent in FY ’20, exports made a sort of turnaround in August and September to falter again in October. Besides, the second wave of Covid-19 in the West is now worrying the exporters. Starting from Wuhan in China, Coronavirus pandemic engulfed the entire globe in no time, with complete supply chain disruption, large-scale order cancellations and workers’ retrenchment. Under the backdrop of these changing circumstances, Team AOB interviews two prominent garment makers of the country to know their thoughts and views on the issues…


    Meanwhile, good infrastructure and efficient logistics remain the prerequisites for sustainable economic development. Experts and industry people from e-commerce and garment manufacturing sectors of Bangladesh highlight the need of the same to boost business and trade. The country is also going all out to attract foreign investment by initiating host of steps. Country’s National Board of Revenue (NBR) has recently formed a high-powered committee to give recommendations to the Government, especially with a focus on companies moving out of China. In 2019, Bangladesh attracted US $ 3.4 billion in FDI while Thailand, Vietnam and India received FDI worth US $ 13.2 billion, US $ 15.5 billion and US $ 49 billion, respectively.


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