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    Thanks to Covid-19, the last more than one year, has been a roller coaster ride for the Bangladesh garment industry! Of late though, things seem to be slowly but surely falling back in place as far as apparel export is concerned — Bangladesh’s export earnings made a strong rebound in the just concluded fiscal year, fetching US$ 38.75 billion, thanks to revival of apparel shipments even as according to the latest Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) data, compared to export earnings of US $ 33.67 billion in FY ’20, export earning in FY ’21 was US $ 38.76 billion, growing by 15.10 per cent with apparel shipments growing by 12.55 per cent to US $ 31.45 billion from what was US $ 27.95 billion in FY ’20— and even as garment exporters were about to heave a sigh of relief, emerged a major concern again; and this time in the form of shipping crisis. Read a detailed report on the crisis!

    In the recently held BGMEA elections many young first timers were inducted, not only to bring in freshness of ideas but also to be in sync with the changing dynamics of the business. Amongst them is Md. Imranur Rahman, Managing Director, Laila Group, and worthy successor to Chairman Sterling Group and Ex BGMEA President, Siddiqur Rahman. The young director of BGMEA took out some time from his very busy schedule to discuss some critical areas impacting Bangladesh with Team AOB. The interview is indeed very exhaustive; in this edition we are focusing on issues related to markets and buyers.


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