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    August, 2018

    August 2018| 72 Pages

    Of recent many international bodies and NGOs have released reports pertaining to labour rights’ violations in the garment manufacturing industry in various countries. Despite claims to the contrary, workers are reportedly still facing many issues, including harassment and physical abuse at factories. Even retailers are many a time turning a blind eye to get products as per their lead time and price point requirements. Though the concern for the workers is justified, the way some of these reports are presented, raises questions as to their intentions.

    The issue also contains ‘Bangladesh Insight’, highlighting various issues pertaining to the industry – from expat connection; China’s market domination; how manufacturing high-end wedding gowns is proving ‘saviour’; how GSP denial by USA created ‘image crisis’; the country emerging from Least Developed Country position to developing nation status; and finally the ramifications of the upcoming general elections…


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