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    For the last over one year the country has witnessed a series of disasters, both ‘manmade’ and ‘natural’. Both, the collapse of Rana Plaza and the Tazreen fire claiming the lives of hundreds of garment workers, could have been avoided had there been a check on illegal constructions or enough fire safety measures taken by the authorities… Though, the country was fortunate to have escaped the Mahasen cyclone fury that had threatened to wash away most parts of the shore… The political unrest is a cause of concern. The good news is that in spite of all this the buyer continues to have faith in the country and is supporting change from the front. The sustenance and survival of any industry to a great extent depends upon the Middle Management. Talking to some leading garment manufacturers, Apparel Online brings to the fore the industry’s concern on current situation wherein the youth brigade leading the Middle Management is neither professional nor passionate in their approach which is unwittingly also leading to workers’ unrest all around. The regular columns of Mind Tree, Buyer Profile, Tech Management and the news coverage under the ‘Bangladesh Canvas’ makes the magazine complete and knowledge-centric for the entire industry.


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