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    September 2019| 104 Pages

    It is a pleasure to inform all our readers/advertisers/patrons that keeping pace with the changing industry dynamics, Apparel Online Bangladesh, from this issue onwards, has been completely redesigned in a rack-friendly smaller size, with enhanced content material, new slug lines – Industry Verdict, Expert Speaks, Trends in Focus, Designers & Labels, Free Expression, Start-Ups, to mention some, besides the new cover page logo ‘AO’ with tag line ‘ALL ABOUT FASHION BUSINESS’.

    Though in Bangladesh’s perspective the concept of retail is comparatively new and has started emerging since early 2000, international retailers are well aware of the country’s demography, socio-economic conditions, infrastructure, political scenario and Government policies, making it easier for them to spread their footprints in the country.

    Government has tightened its rules to rein in errant buying entities and unchecked mushrooming of buying houses, forcing authorities to make their registration with Department of Textiles (DoT) compulsory. Names like Y&X, the non-existent business entity, owned by a Bangladeshi-born British citizen named Manjur Billah is one of those names which shook the industry after around 26 garment manufacturers fell prey and lost around Taka 600 crore recently.


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