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    With the new minimum wage coming into effect from December ’18, there were some apprehensions, but by and large, the more than 50 per cent increase in wages was expected to give a renewed thrust as to the increased workers’ involvement and industrial growth. However, contrary to the expectations, what unfolded was sheer mayhem! Workers in thousands took to the streets demanding correction of what they alleged discrepancy in the wage structure… Team Apparel Online traces the entire development – cause and effect, to throw some light on this very complicated and unfortunate incident.

    In the very beginning of 2019, Dhaka played host to some major technology events – 18th Garmentech, 2nd Printing & Packaging International Expo, 10th Yarn & Fabrics Sourcing Fair, and 10th GAPEXPO 2019 concurrently, while just a few days prior BTMA in association with Hong Kong’s YTMSC Limited jointly organised the four-day 16th DTG 2019 along with 16th DitaTex and the inaugural BISMA. Team AO gives a live coverage of these events…


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