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    Pucker Free Seams

    Author: Prabir Jana
    2005| 44 Pages|

    Pucker or Puckering is the most used (abused?) term in the garment manufacturing industry. Pick up any quality controller?s report, and the first thing that will strike your eye will be ??Puckering in armhole, ?Puckering in neckline binding, ?control Puckering in bottom hem?? the list is endless. Buying office quality controllers are as enamored of this term as manufacturers abhor it. What is it that makes it so distasteful? Why does it occur? How can it be controlled? These questions and more are answered by this StitchWorld Technical Bulletin co-authored By Prabir Jana and Y. P. Garg. While there are numerous leaflets, documents and articles available on pucker, it has been found that the majority of them lay great stress on ?inherent pucker? (only material parameters). In this booklet the authors have included process parameters as well as sewing of lightweight fabrics.


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