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Bangladesh RMG needs corporate management for diversification

There have been some considerable advances towards corporate management, but a proper and full implementation is much needed for diversification, and subsequently sustainable growth.

Jul 30 18  |  Production

All you need to know about Zero Waste Design concept

Zero Waste Design concept is gradually but strongly making its way to the design and development room in a garment unit. Let’s have a look at what exactly ZWD is and what does it offer to the industry.

Jul 26 18  |  Production

Zero Waste Design

Big Brands are Leaving Money on the Cutting Table

Quality standards followed in an apparel factory to maintain the quality of the product might actually degrade the product quality. Ram Sareen, Founder, Tukatech explains how.

Jul 10 18  |  Production

OnPoint Manufacturing, Inc.: A successful role model of ‘On-Demand’ customisation

Asian countries are not built with customization concept, so as more and more people are demanding more customized options, on-demand manufacturers will come in to play especially in the largest apparel market in the world USA where on-demand customization concept is rapidly increasing.

Jun 23 18  |  Production

Market needs drive the rise of lean tools at Warsaw International

Tirupur (India)-based Warsaw International has geared itself to implement the initiatives taken by the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi to make the garment manufacturing free from ‘Defects’ and at its adverse ‘Effects’.

Apr 16 18  |  Production

CBC Fashions moves aggressively using lean tools

Sustaining for the longer term in the today’s apparel industry is a challenge. Tirupur (India)-based CBC Fashions takes up the challenge and brings in ‘Lean Engineering’ on production floor to minimize wastages in order to grow and become profitable substantially.

Apr 14 18  |  Production


The BTS of apparel industry – the factory, production methods, shopfloor management, the workers’ side of the story, training programs and compliances.




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