The Machine That Changed The World By James P. Womack, Daniel T. Jones and Daniel Roos

by Apparel Resources

19-November-2016  |  1 min read

Recommended by Devadas PM, GM – Operations Excellence, Madura Garments

Why to read ‘The Machine That Changed The World’?

The Machine That Changed The World was the first book to reveal Toyota’s lean production system – the reason behind it enduring success. Based on the largest and most thorough study ever undertaken of any industry – MIT’s Five-Year, Fourteen-Country International Motor Vehicle Program – this book describes the entire managerial system of lean production.

Nearly 20 years ago, the authors provided a comprehensive description of the entire lean system, exhaustively documenting its advantages over the mass production model pioneered by General Motors and predicted that lean production would eventually triumph. Indeed, they argued that it would be a success not just in manufacturing but in every value-creating activity from healthcare to retail to distribution. Today, the book provides enduring and essential guidance to managers and leaders in every industry seeking to transform traditional enterprises into exemplars of lean success.

Acclaim for the book: Based upon MIT’s US $ 5 million, five-year study on the future of the automobile, this book is a ground-breaking analysis of the worldwide move from mass production to lean production. The fundamentals of this system are applicable to every industry across the globe and will have a profound impact on human society – it will truly change the world!

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