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Indonesia’s largest intimate apparel manufacturer Honey Lady chooses Tukatech

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

3 weeks ago  |  1 min   read

Image Courtesy: www.tukatech.com

Honey Lady, Indonesia’s largest manufacturer of women intimate wear, has installed Tukacutplan. It is the materials requirement planning system by US based Tukatech Solution, which helps in streamlining cutting room operations.

The installation has helped the company with the elimination of manual paper pattern-making process, increased productivity in their sample room and has further reduced the lead time for the sample making process.

Along with streamlining the internal communication and coordination process the system has helped them in planning, purchasing and allocation of material and minimization of waste.

“We are very pleased with the performance and with the quality of service and support provided by the Tukatech team,” said Ferdinand Permana, Director of Honey Lady.

Despite having technologies from grading/markers to spreading and cutting the company was still following the traditional paper pattern making. Further, the requirement for speed and accuracy gave them the idea for the installation of  Tukacutplan

“During my visit, I had the honor of meeting Margareth Lie Permana, the Founder and force behind Honey Lady. It is rare to find people so dedicated and committed to making continued improvements. We are very proud to have one of the top 10 largest bra makers in the world added to our partner list,” commented Ram Sareen, Head Coach and Founder of Tukatech. .