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The BTS of apparel industry – the factory, production methods, shopfloor management, the workers’ side of the story, training programs and compliances.

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Market needs drive the rise of lean tools at Warsaw International

Tirupur (India)-based Warsaw International has geared itself to implement the initiatives taken by the Prime Minister of India ...

2 months ago  |  15 mins   read

CBC Fashions moves aggressively using lean tools

Sustaining for the longer term in the today’s apparel industry is a challenge. Tirupur (India)-based CBC Fashions takes ...

2 months ago  |  17 mins   read

Tharun Garments escapes the ‘msme’ lure to live its big dream

Tirupur-based Tharun Garments is just 5-year old in the garment business still it’s tapping a great market share ...

2 months ago  |  9 mins   read

At tangent… Is ‘Lean’ the solution to increase efficiencies?

The tide is ‘surprisingly’ turning in favour of Indian apparel industry, not because of its good performance, but ...

2 months ago  |  13 mins   read

Decoding the challenge of Production Management

2 months ago  |  2 mins   read

Designing a Lean Process – I

Lean has become a key transformational buzzword in the apparel manufacturing industry. However, a lot of confusion exists ...

2 months ago  |  11 mins   read