As a part of quality drive, VietOrigin takes its designers and technicians to customer offices

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

04-July-2018  |  1 min read

Dennis Zapantis, Managing Director, VietOrigin
Image courtesy: VietOrigin showroom

In its bid to enhance quality, VietOrigin ensures that all its designers and garment technicians visit the customer offices regularly across the countries.

In a candid chat with Team Apparel Online, Dennis Zapantis, Managing Director, remarked that making the technical team visit customer offices helps the team understand the relevance of quality from a customer point of view. “There is no better way to understand customer service,” he further added.

VietOrigin collections
Image courtesy: VietOrigin showroom

Substantiating on the above, Dennis said that the company also now plans to take team of their operators to the offices of their clients in Australia and USA.  Dennis added that considering that cutting, sewing, and packaging are done by the company in-house, it helps them get full control over quality, thereby further enhancing the quality of the product.

What makes VietOrigin stand out is that the onus of the management is on training – one of the essential pre-requisites to improve quality. Dennis said that training not only enhances quality but also builds the confidence of workers.

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