Making life easy, Pratibha Syntex distributed home appliances to over 4,000 associates

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17-July-2019  |  2 mins read

Pratibha Syntex’s workers and senior staff during the event
Pratibha Syntex’s workers and senior staff during the event

Pratibha Syntex, a leading Indian textile conglomerate with focus on sustainability, has again come forward to support its more than 4,000 associates (workers). And how!

The textile giant, in association with Fairtrade,  distributed home appliances to its workers – an initiative that got support from the cream of  brands like Patagonia, MEC and Prana.

Recently Fairtrade Premium Programme 2019 took place at Indore, which was attended by Sumita Sharma, Fairtrade, H.S. Jha, VP – HR and Aditya Chopra, VP, Productions from Pratibha Syntex.

H.S. Jha, VP – HR of the company told, “To understand the need of the associates and their families, a survey was conducted prior to the event. On the basis of responses received from associates, five options including 190 litre freezer, washing machine and combo offers like iron+ cooler, mixer grinder + iron + fan, iron + induction cooktop + blender, induction cooktop + mixer grinder were given. The associates had an option to select any one option on the basis of requirement of his family.”

He further added that such activities strengthen bond between company and its associates. This initiative was started in 2014 with the distribution of raincoats and has since been instrumental  in motivating associates to perform.

“We hope that our initiative will ease the life of our associates as these home appliances will help them in their daily routine,” he concluded.

Working with top global and Indian brands and retailers, Pratibha Syntex is a leading company that has won many awards for sustainable initiatives.

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