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Heimtextil India ’18: Hues that stood out and prints that grabbed attention

by Shubhi Srivastava

06-July-2018  |  7 mins read

One of India’s finest home fashion business platform Heimtextil India & Ambiente India 2018, saw in its wake amazing work by many big and small home decor and soft furnishing providers, flourishing in the Indian and International textile market. The event was a beautiful amalgamation of past, ongoing, and future trends, displayed across several stalls and booths, as home fashion does not follow the rules of rapidly progressing fast fashion like the wearable fashion world does. It is a gradually evolving industry with slower dynamics.

Several kinds of prints and patterns set in muted colour stories were recurrent this year. The variety of aesthetics, right from earthy, forest tones with leafy prints to vibrant folklore block prints, remained synonymous with the versatility in demands for the home decor and furnishing industry. Common sentiment of the exhibitors at the fair went like, “We have something for everything that the customer wants.” Apparel Resources delves deeper into the trends that made a noise…

What does the future hold for prints in the home decor market…

Floral Extravaganza

An ever and omnipresent trend, floral was hard to miss in the fair. Seeing the vastness of the trend, florals could be spotted in many variations, with big and small repeated motifs and smaller flowers in bunches to bigger flowers spaced out across the canvas. Bright florals could also be seen in contrast with minimal geometric prints, keeping in-line with the print-on-print trend. They were mostly portrayed in warm pastels, or with grey or blue undertones.

The forest and fall trend

Walking the floral line, another natural element that was popular this time was forest. Intricately branching out wooden trees starting from the hems and progressing to the top of upholstery, and domestic drapes attracted many prospective buyers. Motifs having repeated bunch of trees as well as simple symbolisation of the wooden bark with spread-out lines in earthy tones set on a contrast background could be seen too.

Tropical prints set the vacation mode on

Complementing the growing laid-back yet vibrant, luxurious vacation mode of lifestyle of the metropolitan inhabitants, tropical prints were a highlight of the fair. For instance, a set-up of cushions and pillows with beautiful, large motifs of palm-leaves, nestled on top of sand printed bed covers or ocean blue couch throws along with large prints of coconuts, palm trees, waves, sand, tropical birds, etc., all set on a washed-out background were an attraction for many buyers present at the fair looking for personalised products for their homes.

Lines, Curves and all that’s geometric

Geometry is the safest trend to follow as the clean-cut lines are in demand, inclining towards minimalist way of living that people are slowly getting attracted to. What we saw most commonly were large concentric circles with consequent patterns around them; straight and clean lines merging and diverging to create random patterns over a contrast base colour scheme; clean cut, geometrically shaped patches of printed material over sheer or thin fabrics to give movement to the geometric designs; or simply an abstract coalescence of different shapes set in a deeper toned background. A simple play of colours indeed.

The ethnic and boho side

The boho and folk trends always find a way to seep right into the ongoing trends that always attract both- Indian and international market. Beautiful Ajrakh prints in deeper tones could be seen this time, along with simple geometric repeated motifs. Since most of these fabrics involve organic dyeing and fabrics that are eco-friendly, they are a growing rage in the home decor sector due to consumer awareness about sustainability.

Upholstery or an artist’s canvas?

Impressionist smaller prints and big brush-stroke effects made us wonder if the bed covers or simple drapes were actually an artist’s canvas. Abstract colour sprays, colour puddles, and ombre prints were also synonymous with this trend. The most popular of these colour plays was distressed print, which was mostly there on heavier materials like Rexine and PU.

Vintage is never really old

The fair also showcased heavy Victorian designs printed or embroidered over complementary backgrounds in royal colours like gold and deep purple along with smaller Baroque motifs set in pastel colour schemes, especially on fabrics like velvet and satin, as well as on Jacquard weaves, which showed us the hold vintage designs still have on the home decor sector.

The Colour Story Trends…

Muted tones remaind hit at the fair as almost every exhibitor dealt with soft colour schemes and shades. The most popular were shades of blue set in greyish undertones as they flaunted the trends of minimalism with a tinge of colour. Pastels, especially green, pink and creams were another hit, especially when it came to embellished and heavily embroidered decorative soft furnishing goods. Earthy tones also made a presence, keeping in-line with the organic lifestyle everyone is aiming to achieve, especially colours like beige, nudes, or browns. Clashing colours and contrasting colour schemes on a single product to show a negative-positive complementary clash was also received well by the attendees. What outshone everything was the gold-foiling effect, quite literally.

This year’s fair extended its love for colours in a harmonious manner, that was both- attention fetching while being easy on the eyes.