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Welcome the New Year with positivity!

by Deepak Mohindra

01-January-2019  |  4 mins read

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Writing for the first issue of the year is always very challenging, it brings in a nostalgia for another year gone by and also promises for the next year. Starting the year with positive vibes is more rewarding than frowning over the missed chances of the year gone by.

As always, this year too, we bring you an issue that rewinds the major issues, movements, happenings and people that we at Apparel Online met and talked about. We have also included a list of people whom we feel have done something different to make them the Movers & Shakers of the year.

There was discussion on why we need to do this issue, besides the fact that it is a global media industry practice to run through the year for its readers. Well, my team for one thinks that the industry looks forward to this issue as a reference point and this is besides the fact that the team also feels proud to see the amount of industry interaction that they have done in a year!

I look forward to reactions from my readers on whether they find value in the roundup issue and how we can add a different touch to it.

When putting together the pages, I realised that the Indian domestic market is really becoming important and more and more energy is going into understanding and tapping the market.

In my last editorial, I had mentioned about our new initiative Apparel Sourcing Week in March 2019. We, at Apparel Resources, are very excited about the platform and the response that it has garnered from the retail industry.

It is obvious that the market is growing fast and the retailers/brands that are doing well need more options both in terms of products and manufacturing capabilities.

Many times, I have said that for Apparel Online, the Indian sub-continent is a regional strength and should be treated thus, and not like a competition. Are not the exporters within the country competing with each other…?

Of course, there are questions on why not only Indian manufacturers… My simple answer is, can we stop the retailers from sourcing internationally?

Reliance Retail has already opened a liaison office in Bangladesh for its expansion plans and even Myntra is sourcing huge quantities from the country. Indian manufacturers therefore need to get their act in place and compete on merit and not just because they are Indians.

We belong to a global community, and shutting out realities is not the best way to move forward. Facing the challenges head-on and sharpening our skills, capabilities and working systems to be truly competitive is the only way to survive in a global environment.

Instead of being scared of competition, it is better to increase competency and grab business on merit – merit of product, price, delivery and all things that matter in the global apparel market.

As we move into the NEW YEAR, my best wishes for a prosperous and bountiful year of good business, health and lots of new opportunities!

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