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Technology creates the essential link between retail and manufacturing

by Deepak Mohindra

08-July-2019  |  3 mins read

Image Courtesy: https://www.nfctouch.com.hk

Today when I look at fashion retail and manufacturing, I find that the two are so intertwined, which was not the case earlier. The technologies being used previously in both the cases were very different and diverse; however this is not the case today. The technologies that are being implemented presently in the aforementioned fields are the same; only their applications are different.

Artificial Intelligence or AI, as it is commonly referred to, is at the core of many of the technologies in use today. AI is empowering technologies to think like human beings and its application are being used increasingly in identifying defects and measuring inspection in manufacturing, while in retail, it is being widely used for designing the collections. AI also contributes in identification and measurement sorting in warehouses making the distribution process quicker and more organised.

Similarly, Autonomous robots, IoT simulation to reality, Additive printing and Data analytics are finding application in both retail and manufacturing with equal fervour. The supply cycle from manufacturing to retail is becoming more seamless because of these common technologies that can ‘talk’ to each other in a better way.

In this edition of StitchWorld, the team analyses the factors that are compelling retailers to adopt AI and Predictive Analytical tools to remain relevant. In the article ‘Retailers get smart about AI and Predictive Analytics’, the discussion focuses on how the emphasis is no more on selling a good product; the challenge is to serve ‘right customers’ with ‘right products’ at ‘right prices’.

Old traditional methods of making and selling products no longer work. The major question that a retailer asks is, ‘How to read a customer’s mind?’ And the answer is actually quite simple – switch to ‘customer-centric merchandising’. Using Predictive Analytical tools is the most trusted solution and the appropriate answer to the retailer’s specified concern.

This edition also discusses how technologies like RFID, NFC, QR Codes and Barcodes are helping brands to solve issues like sustainability, branding, inventory management, easy checkouts, etc., in just a few seconds. These technologies are also helping them to provide ease in shopping to their customers, create better relationships through transparency and build a strong sense of trust among customers.

Continuing further with our series on ‘Smart Garment’, the article titled ‘Here’s how Under Armour is helping athletes recover energy’, analyses in-depth the wearable tech garment launched by Under Armour – the ‘UA Rush’ product line that actively stimulates recovery using an athlete’s own energy. The ways through which this ‘Smart Functional Garment’ assists athletes to get back their lost energy, are covered extensively for our readers.

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