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New horizons to be conquered post ASW ’19…

by Deepak Mohindra

01-April-2019  |  4 mins read

The journey right from creating to executing the Apparel Sourcing Week has been exciting, exhaustive and rewarding. The team of ASW and AR have put in a lot of hard work and passion to fulfil my fetish for perfection, and the results are out there for all to see.

Even as congratulatory messages continue to pour in, what gives me the most gratification is the fact that the people whom I perceived to be very difficult to impress have come out in praise not only for the concept, but also for the benchmark set with regard to organising the event.

When I think back, the preparation actually started three years ago when we expanded the scope of our magazine to include the Indian retail market. The vision was clear, as for Apparel Online, manufacturing and international retail market was and is our forte, but we were keen to understand what was happening in the market nearest to us.

The clamour of retail markets in Asia, particularly China and India, was getting bigger and as a content platform for the textile value chain, missing the obvious directions would have been a tactical mistake on our part.

In fact, for many years, our well wishers have been suggesting that we talk about Indian retail, as many of them were already looking at the opportunities, but it was about three years ago that we actually took a plunge.

This expanded our understanding of Indian retail; the expectations of manufacturers and increasing market convergence further supported us in conceptualising and executing the ASW platform to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

My mind has now moved beyond the show and the real challenge at present is to upscale what has already been achieved… Believe me, it is a difficult but attainable challenge!

What I am confident about is that the concept of regional collaborations is at the core of the show. We have to take this forward to develop a true platform for garment manufacturers in south-east Asia to find new markets and expand their reach and penetration.

I am happy that many Indian manufacturers have come forward to appreciate our efforts and are ready to face competition on home ground with better products and services that are the key for future growth.

If we cannot compete effectively within our territory, how can we compete globally…? Indian retailers/brands are on the lookout for partners that are receptive and serious about business…; where they come from is incidental.

I would urge the garment manufacturing industry in India, and more so the exporters, to re-look at the Indian retail market before it is too late. The opportunities are many, but one has to redesign one’s own business model to match expectations… If other manufacturing destinations can do it, why not the Indian manufacturers?

We are already in the planning stage for ASW ’20 which will continue to remain on the foundation of sourcing, knowledge and inspiration…, but for sure, the bang will be bigger!

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