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Apparel Online’s odyssey from manufacturing to now becoming all-inclusive

by Deepak Mohindra

09-September-2019  |  4 mins read

AOI_May cretaive

Since our inception in 1998, Apparel Online has been at the forefront, capturing every development as it takes place to give a new direction to the industry through its in-depth analyses, debates, features and interviews, which has been our hallmark over the years.

It gives me immense pleasure and pride that keeping pace with the changing industry dynamics, we have constantly evolved ourselves, be it in terms of content, essence and outlook… From the initial days of black and white newsletter to A3-size coloured tabloid that talked about buyers, industry trends, policies and exporters’ strategy to A4-size magazine with a cover, editorial and enhanced sections to meet the new needs of the industry, it’s been a continuous journey for us to reinvent and rediscover ourselves to live up to our motto of Read Today Grow Tomorrow… Now as we step into a new era where market convergence is the essence of the game, Apparel Online is first to recognise this tectonic shift where market is no longer in Western countries and manufacturing is no longer for exports. From exporter to buyer, the spectrum is now from conceptualisation to manufacturer to retailer to consumer, all becoming integral to the whole matrix. Not losing sight of the emerging perspective, Apparel Online is once again bringing in the much-needed changes from this issue onwards, which would be allencompassing, including the content, look and feel. Rebranding as AO in the cover page with a new tag line All About Fashion Business, we are reincarnating in a rack-friendly smaller size to place the magazine at all strategic locations across the country, but with an equally enhanced recall value as before.

In today’s age, where Indian retailers are rubbing shoulders with international bigwigs and the thin line of difference between international and domestic buyers fading with each passing day, there’s hardly any distinguishing factor for the manufacturers as most international brands have their presence both in domestic as well as overseas.

Seeing the overriding significance of this convergence, we are introducing the retail sector, which has been the growth driver of the industry giving it an all new direction. Besides your favourite sections, the new-looking, younger and much today version of AO will also have new sections like Start-ups that would discuss what all segments are performing well and where all are investors looking to invest; Buying & Sourcing, as part of which, in addition to international sourcing policies, we would also tap the Indian buying and sourcing segments in depth. The Designers & Labels section will be all about spotting upcoming talent making waves in fashion while the exclusive section dedicated to Sustainability will expand its scope to dwell on what brands, retailers from all over the world and changemakers have to say on this critical issue to try and throw light on the sustainable solutions for the industry. Our Expert Speak section will have industry/domain experts sharing their insights and views on issues that matter, while the all-new Free Expression section will unveil some awe-inspiring influencers in the field of art, culture and fashion.

I look forward to your valuable comments and feedback on AO’s new transformed version and hope that all of you will appreciate it with the same fervour and respect that you have bestowed upon us in the last two decades and our new readers will carry on the legacy!

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