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Apparel Online augments its content base with changing times

by Deepak Mohindra

23-September-2019  |  4 mins read


The year 1998 marked the inception of Apparel Online. Ever since we have been at the forefront, capturing every development as it takes place to give a new direction to the industry. Our in-depth analysis, debates, features and interviews, besides being thought-provoking, have always added a new dimension to how the industry perceives an issue, to help form constructive viewpoints on the issues that matter.

Carrying forward this rich legacy, we have constantly evolved keeping pace with the changing industry dynamics, be it in terms of content, essence and outlook… From the initial days of black and white newsletter to A3-sized coloured tabloid that talked about buyers, industry trends, policies and exporters strategy to A4-size magazine with a cover, editorial and enhanced sections to meet the new needs of the industry, it’s been a continuing journey to reinvent and rediscover ourselves to live up to our motto of Read Today. Grow Tomorrow.

Now, as we step into a new era where market convergence is the new paradigm and way forward, Apparel Online is again the first to recognise this tectonic shift. Today consumption markets are not only in the West, nor manufacturing solely for exports. With retail in Bangladesh emerging strongly, where multinational bigwigs are competing with the local labels for market share, the line of difference between manufacturing for international and domestic buyers is fading fast. In this milieu, the distinction of overseas and domestic market has become a matter of the past.

Keeping pace with the emerging perspective, Apparel Online is once again bringing in the much-needed changes. From this issue onwards, it would be a new beginning that would witness far-reaching and momentous changes, be it in the content, look or feel. Rebranding as AO in the cover page with a new tag line All About Fashion Business, we are reincarnating in a rack-friendly smaller version that would ensure user-friendliness besides breaking new grounds towards greater market penetration and enriching our reader base. Rest assured AO’s recall value will not only remain the same, but will rather become more enhancing.

Considering the overriding significance of this market convergence, we are introducing the retail sector, which has been the growth driver of the industry. The new-looking and much today version of AO will also have new sections like Buying & Sourcing, dwelling on international sourcing policies while also tapping in-depth Bangladesh’s buying and sourcing segments. Our Expert Speaks section will see domain experts sharing their insights on wide ranging and burning issues pertaining to manufacturing, retail, market and fashion, while the exclusive section dedicated to Sustainability will give a detailed picture about what brands, retailers and changemakers have to say on this critical issue to throw light on the sustainable solutions for the industry. The sure-to-like Free Expression section will unveil the new line of influencers in the field of art, culture and fashion.

The new version of Apparel Online, I am sure, will successfully carry forward our hallmark and legacy of being the complete knowledge platform, to the satisfaction of all our readers.

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