Watch out for Sommet-De-Couleur show at ITMACH India 2019!

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28-August-2019  |  2 mins read

ITMACH India 2019
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The 3rd International Textile Machinery & Accessories Exhibition, or ITMACH, which begins on 5 December, will yet again showcase some of the best and latest textile machineries.

The four-day event is to be held at Exhibition Centre, Swarnim Park, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

One of the eagerly anticipated sections of the show is the Sommet-De-Couleur, which will primarly focus on promoting collaborations between fashion and textile colouration.

SDC International, International Society of Fashion Technology (ISFT) and KDCL have come together to put forward challenges for textile professionals in colour communication, colouration and compliance at Sommet-De-Couleur.

Notably, it will be a platform for innovators, users and compliance organisations to engage in collaboration for a ‘greener’ colouration industry.

ITMACH believes the machine makers will take initiative  in providing solutions to more sustainable manufacturing of textiles.

SDC, ISFT and KDCL will also organise 4 interactive seminars and 1 grand fashion show at ITMACH India 2019

The first of the 4 seminars is themed ‘Colour Communication’and will be held on 5 December. It will focus on best practices and innovations that lead to authentic, repeatable & accurate colour assessments.

The second seminar is themed ‘Investigating Technologies for Innovative Textile Manufacturing by Dyers and Colourists’ and will be held on 6 December.

The third seminar titled ‘Colouring without Guilt’ will touch on pollution levels rising from textile sector and how it can be reduced. This will be on 7 December.

On the last day, there will be another interactive seminar ‘How did I get here?’, which will see professionals from the fashion and design industry who have contributed to raising the benchmarks for sustainability and design innovations.

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