40 companies grace Kingpins China City Tour

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

11-September-2019  |  1 min read


In its efforts to promote denim trade in China, the recently concluded Kingpins China City Tour in Guangzhou (4 September) and Hangzhou (6 September) proved successful.

Delighted over the success of the fourth edition of the show, Vivian Wang, MD, Kingpins China claimed, “We are very happy with the results. Both events were really well attended.”

As per reports, each city hosted the same 40 exhibitors from China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. and some of the well-known companies who graced the events were Prosperity Textile, M&J, Candiani, Foison, Advance, Orta, Calik, Jean Deli and Soorty, among others.

One of the participants of the show, James Shen of Foison, shared his opinion, “This season brought a good number of visitors.” Similarly, another exhibitor shared that he had the right mix of visitors including representatives of Chinese denim brands as well as the China-based sourcing teams of international companies such as H&M or Bestseller.

Few of the Chinese denim players see a wider prospect in participating in Kingpins as Martin Lindsay Sullivan of Authentic Island, based in Guangzhou, said that he wants to become more well known, especially in Europe.

It is all about showing that denim from China has really good quality and is far better than some buyers think.

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