Bangladesh keen on boosting trade relations with the US

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08-February-2019  |  1 min read

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The Bangladesh-USA trade relations is all set to get a boost and so could Bangladesh’s apparel exports to the US after a recent meeting between Bangladesh Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi and new American Ambassador in Dhaka Earl Miller, focussing on strengthening the bilateral trade relations.

During the meeting, the Bangladesh Commerce Minister reportedly assured Miller of full Government support to the US investors to boost trade relations between the two countries.

“The new Ambassador has also assured me that he will look into the GSP issue and try to get new investments in Bangladesh…We have requested him to deliver this message to his people.” – Tipu Munshi, Commerce Minister, Bangladesh

It may be mentioned here that Bangladesh currently exports US $ 6 billion worth of goods to the United States and imports US $ 1.7 billion worth of goods from there.

“They want to raise it. I’ve said if you want to invest in our country I’ll make business easier. He has been here for two months. I said ‘you are new and I am a month old (in charge). Let’s join hands together to do business in days to come’,” the minister added.

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