Toray makes headway in sustainable nylon textile technology

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08-June-2019  |  1 min read

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Toray’s efforts to create sustainable products continue…

Yes, Toray Industries Inc., the Japan-based firm that specialises in industrial products, has yet again proved why it is one of the leaders in creating sustainable innovations. The company has developed a new nylon textile using a proprietary composite spinning technology known as NanoDesign technology.

Toray plans to market this creation in Fall 2020.

What makes the innovation noteworthy is that despite the use of DWR treatment (with less environmental cost), the nylon textile offers high water repellency.

So how does Toray’s innovation work? The textile’s structure has microscopic slits that run lengthwise on the yarn. Then the water-repelling treatments fill the microscopic slit below the outside diameter of the yarn thereby making the treatment more abrasion resistant.

Consequently, there are two benefits. Firstly, textiles provide resistance to abrasion and secondly the construction helps the textile to use C6 water repellents, which are generally insufficient for outdoor sports. C6 does not contain perfluorooctanoic acid, which can accumulate in human body and remain in environment.

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