Nike upholds faith in Cambodia

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07-June-2019  |  1 min read

Nike in Cambodia
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Amidst all the tension of brands threatening to withdraw from Cambodia owing to ongoing political instability and labour right abuses, there is one brand that has reiterated its commitment to support Cambodia.

And it’s Nike!

The globally renowned sportswear manufacturer reassured on 5 June that it is committed to produce in Cambodia as it is satisfied and pleased with the efforts of the nation in improving the labour conditions.

In a meeting with Pan Sorasak, Minister of Commerce, Chris Helzer, Vice President, Nike, said that the brand was positive about the economy of the country which was compliant with international laws especially with regard to apparel and footwear sector.

He added that the Government’s efforts to improve the labour conditions in garment industry were worth every applause.

In a press release, Helzer said that Cambodia enjoys high compliance with international labour standards through factory monitoring programmes.

He also stated that for brands like Nike, it was easy to comply with international labour standards and this is largely instrumental for them to decide where to invest and place orders. “With this regard, Nike will continue to invest in Cambodia and endeavour to provide employment,” he further added.

It will be interesting to see if other brands too follow Nike.

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