Himatsingka’s workers punished severely for minor mistakes

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17-August-2019  |  2 mins read

Himatsingka Factory
Himatsingka factory faced violent protests by workers and now official report has come on the same

A shocking revelation from an official report released by Labour department!

Following the month-old agitation by the workers of Himatsingka factory on being harassed by company executives, a probe was initiated by the Labour department and what came out was indeed shocking.

Speaking to 400 workers, the labour inspectors got the information that workers were getting severely punished for their smallest of mistakes. In some cases, workers were not even allowed to contact family members and their requests for leaves were also turned down.

The report was submitted by A.H. Umesh, Deputy Commissioner of Labour, after P. Manivannan, Secretary, Labour Department had sought a report a month after the incident.

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While talking about the humiliation the workers had to go through, A.H. Umesh averred,  “Some workers said they were forced to do sit-ups in front of women workers. They were not allowed to speak to women colleagues and those who did would be punished.”

For some of them, it was worst! Several workers, who stay in hostels run by the company, complained that they did not get hot water in bathrooms. Besides, they were not even allowed to carry phones and could talk to family members once in 14 days.

Though the report says that wages and bonus were being paid to the workers as per the law but the procedure that was followed to get a leave approved was wrong.

As per B.N. Nandini, Additional Superintendent of Police, initially 176 people were taken into custody and some were released after video clips were verified. The police have registered suo motu cases against the workers, who attacked police and damaged property.

The State Labour department has served notice wherein it has given 7 suggestions to the company to improve its overall working environment.

Himatsingka is one of the leading vertically integrated companies supplying home furnishing products to global brands and top retailers across the globe.

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